Hair Treatment Products

Redken's range of professional hair treatment products are formulated to address specific hair concerns from heat protection to frizz control and everything in between.

Redken Hair Treatment Products


At Redken, we offer a range of professional hair treatment products to address a variety of concerns. Results can be enhanced by using our hair treatments as part of a complete system starting with our range of professional shampoos and conditioners. For the most intensive of hair repair treatments, look no further than our Acidic Bonding range for over-processed hair, available exclusively through your nearest Redken salon. Our All Soft Heavy Cream Mask made with nourishing and moisturising argan oil is an ideal treatment for hair that is parched and prone to breakage. Experiencing weak and dull hair? The Extreme Cat Reconstructing Protein Spray is a hair strengthening treatment that immediately begins to repair and condition your hair without weighing it down.


For the ultimate multitasking hair treatment, keep One United Treatment on your shelf or in your bag at all times to reap the 25 benefits in one convenient bottle including frizz control, detangling, heat protection, and many more. It can also be used with Redken's other rinse out or leave in professional hair treatment products for an extra repairing boost.


Do you frequently style your hair with an iron but worry about heat damage? Extreme Play Safe Heat Protection Treatment is purpose-built to protect your locks and allows them to withstand heat up to 230°C. For those needing help with frizziness and flyaways, Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Heat Protective Leave-In Cream will smooth and control while quenching your hair.


From hair treatment cream to leave-ins to masks, Redken Australia has the solution to your hair needs sorted, including split ends, dryness, heat damage, breakage, and more. Chat to a professional stylist at a salon near you to get the Redken treatment today.



Can you put hair treatment on dry hair?


Our One United All-In-One Multi-Benefit Treatment is flexible and can be applied to dry hair for extra nourishment or damp hair to assist with styling. For over processed hair, our salon-exclusive Acidic Protein Amino Concentrate is a professional Redken treatment for hair applied to towel dried hair as part of the Acidic Bonding Concentrate system by a professional stylist.


Can I use a hair treatment everyday?


Redken's range of hair strengthening treatment products are formulated with ingredients such as biotin, proteins, ceramides, and many more. Depending on the intensity of the hair repair treatments, frequency of use will also differ from once a week to daily. Always check the packaging for instructions.