Detox Hair Products


Detox Your Hair from Build Up with Redken's Clarifying Hair Products

Clarifying hair products are formulated to deeply cleanse the hair and scalp, helping to remove debris, dirt and excess amounts of oil for all hair types. By washing away remaining residue and product buildup in hair, clarifying products can provide nourishment to strands before other styling products are introduced. For a complete refresh and detox, hair should first be cleansed thoroughly with Redken Australia's clarifying shampoo. While cleansing, remember to gently massage the scalp and apply from root to tip. For added moisture, a professional hair mask can be applied before hair conditioning for added nourishment and shine. To instantly purify and add strength back into your strands, clarifying hair products by Redken Australia can help bring hair back to its natural healthy state.  

When is it best to use detox hair products?

If hair health is lacking and a build up of residue or chemical toxins from the environment are visible, it's best to introduce detox hair products that can directly support. Damaged hair can be caused by a variety of external stressors, so it's important to be aware of possible symptoms before detoxing hair. Some to look out for are: 

- Oily, itch-prone or flaky scalp
- Dry, frizzy or brittle hair (read our guide on how to deal with frizzy hair)
- Dandruff
- Hair loss
- Split ends and breakage

Redken Australia's clarifying hair products can assist with the above symptoms to refresh and purify the hair and scalp. 


How Often Do You Need to Use Hair Detox Products?

For hair that is prone to dryness throughout the year, applying detox products every fortnight can be beneficial. To get a better understanding of caring for dryness, you can read our guide on how to hydrate hair. Oiliness in the hair and scalp will also benefit from hair detox products and can be applied on a weekly basis. If hair styling products are used frequently or even daily, the same hair routine can be applied once a week for a deep clean. For those who have textured hair, applying hair detox products once a month is recommended, followed by deep conditioning treatments during the week. If you need further advice, you can chat to one of our professionals at a Redken salon near you.