Professional Hair Conditioner Products

Discover Redken's range of moisturising salon quality conditioner products for every hair type and hair concern, crafted from decades of experience in salons around the world.

Redken Conditioner Products for Professional Results


Redken Australia brings you decades of experience and rigorous testing by stylists around the world to deliver a wide range of professional conditioners for hair. Redken conditioner products only contain essential ingredients to give you reliable results time and time again, from citric acid for balancing pH to B vitamins like biotin for strengthening strands, to pure violet pigment for neutralising blonde hair.



A Professional Hair Conditioner for Every Concern and Type

Whether you have dry, brittle hair, frizzy and wild hair, long hair that is prone to snapping, or are looking to keep your colour vibrant between visits to the stylist, you'll find a curated range of salon professional conditioner products waiting to be discovered.


From our ground-breaking Acidic Bonding Concentrate system, the Acidic Bonding Concentrate Conditioner is part of the at-home range that works to rebond hair that has been damaged by heat, weather, colouring and lightening services. An essential part of maintaining lightened and coloured hair, the Color Extend range includes Color Extend Blondage Violet Depositing Conditioner for hair needing neutralising against warm tones, the Color Extend Graydiant Conditioner with both violet and silver pigment to restore the most platinum of blondes or cool greys, Color Extend Blondage High Bright Conditioner for hair that is dull and mattified, and Color Extend Magnetics Conditioner for general use on colour treated hair.


With the nourishing effects of Argan Oil, the All Soft Conditioner for hair that is dry and brittle also boasts the revolutionary RCT containing proteins and amino acids to replenish hair and leave it soft and manageable. If you're concerned with flat and lifeless hair, Volume Injection Conditioner for Fine Hair creates lift and full body without weight, while the sulfate free Frizz Dismiss Conditioner for hair that is unruly will detangle and enhance smoothness. For damaged hair, Extreme Hair Strengthening Conditioner has been formulated with the same RCT Protein Complex found in the All Soft range to provide hair with specialised care from root to tip, leaving it reinforced and shiny. If long locks are your focus, the Extreme Length Conditioner uses the power of biotin to leave hair up to five times stronger, and reduce breakage.


With a variety of conditioners for hair of all types and needs, get the salon quality conditioner products Redken is reknowned for today. To complement your haircare routine, precede your chosen conditioner for hair with shampoo from the same line, and add a mask or treatment as required for an extra moisturising effect.


Redken Conditioner FAQs 


What is the best hair conditioner for me?


Deciding the most suitable Redken conditioner for hair for you depends on your individual needs. While you know the behaviour of your hair best, self-prescription of a targeted conditioner can sometimes cause hair problems instead of helping them. For example, if you're using intensive conditioner products that are excessively 'heavy' when you don't need it, this can weigh hair down and lead to a flat, lifeless appearance. It can also be easy to confuse symptoms of dry, dehydrated, or brittle hair with each other, so see a professional stylist at a Redken salon near you to help identify your hair needs and choose a salon professional conditioner by Redken together.


How do I use Redken conditioner products correctly?


After cleansing hair with shampoo from the same line, spread your favourite Redken salon professional conditioner evenly starting below the crown and going right up to the ends of your hair. A comb can be helpful to detangle at the same time and ensure a thorough, even distribution of the conditioner products.