Professional Hairspray Products

Find your next hair styling spray staples with Redken's comprehensive range. A favourite of stylists around the world, Redken hairsprays have you covered for more volume, more texture, more definition, and more shine.

Professional Hairspray Products by the Experts


Get the ultimate control over your hair with award winning hair styling spray products by Redken Australia. For independent use or paired with other styling products like gels, pomades, waxes and pastes, no look will be out of reach. Redken hairsprays are the secret to salon professional artistry to deliver looks ranging from instantly refreshed, highly reflective shine, sky high volume, perfect curls and waves, and more.



A Professional Hairspray Product for Every Need


For fantastic shine that lasts all day, the Shine Flash Glass-Like Shine Spray does exactly as it suggests - delivers unparalleled shine in a lightweight spray for hair with the power of vitamin B5 and Camelina Oil, but without any hint of a greasy finish. If thicker, luscious hair is your desire, Volume Maximiser Thickening Spray will give you visible volume from root to tip without weighing you down. Similarly, for long lasting body and the strongest hold, Triple Take 32 Extreme High-Hold Hairspray gives hair volume and lift without any crunchy texture. For a denser look and feel, Redken Brews Instant Thickening Spray for hair strengthens the hair fibre and prevents breakage, working to increase the diameter of each individual strand. For anti-frizz control and a sleek look without stickiness associated with traditional hair lacquer, Rootful 06 Root Lifting Spray gives you a clean feel and allows you to easily manipulate hair.



Get a natural windswept, airy texture with Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray for hair that sits just the right way without appearing overdone. If you're intentionally aiming for a tousled look, Wax Blast 10 High Impact Finishing Wax Spray will give you that slightly undone texture thanks to added body, dimension and a gentle satin finish. For that 'just hit the beach' look, Fashion Waves 07 Sea Salt Spray will give your hair effortless movement and a matte texture. If heat styling tools are never too far away from your hair, the innovative Iron Shape 11: Thermal Holding Spray will not only give you heat protection up to 232°C, but also allows you to restyle your hair multiple times following a single application.



Redken's diverse range of hairsprays have been trialled to ensure high performance that professionals rely on in every salon or every fashion show. Chat to your nearest Redken hair artist to find your next salon professional hairspray product.

Hairspray FAQs 


What does hairspray do?


Redken's range of award winning hair styling spray products perform a variety of jobs including holding every strand in place, enhancing shine, allowing curls and waves to last all day, and more.


When should I use hairspray?


When your desired look is bold and ambitious or you're just looking to enhance what you already have for a more natural look, Redken's salon professional hairspray products are the secret weapon to 24 hour hold or damage free heat styling. There's a spray for hair to meet every need!


Can hairspray damage hair?


When used in moderation, hairspray is unlikely to cause significant damage to your hair, but there are factors commonly associated with hairspray that can lend to damaged hair like frequently using heat styling tools or pulling hair tightly into certain hairstyles. Certain types of alcohols that are sometimes used in hairsprays can be drying to the hair and cause breakage, and the scalp can also become irritated. To reduce the drying effect, start with less hairspray product instead of going all in and 'coating' the hair. You can always add more later if it's not enough! Consider also adding a repairing haircare range like Acidic Bonding Concentrate to your daily routine.