Learn how to hydrate your hair and how to recognise dry hair. We cover how to keep hair healthy and hydrated long term in a variety of situations. Read now.

Hair hydration is impacted on a daily basis. Everyday stress from pollution, UV radiation, heated styling tools and seasonal changes can pull moisture from strands, leaving hair feeling dry, brittle and weak.

External stress affects all hair types, so it’s important to know how to hydrate your hair with the right haircare. If you’ve noticed an uptick in dull and brittle strands or struggle to keep hair from feeling dry, re-moisturising steps can be implemented into your routine. 

To hydrate hair properly, your routine should support the unique needs of your hair type. This article walks through the process of moisture application for softer and healthy results. See which conditioning treatments are best suited to dry hair and how to moisturise hair ahead.


How do I know if my hair needs hydration?

With frequent stress from everyday factors, it can be hard to figure out how to moisturise dry hair and keep it nourished. Consistent hair hydration is only possible with the right routine and care. Redken’s All Soft collection includes deeply nourishing steps to give soft and shiny bounce back to hair:

1. Shampoo

The first step in any haircare routine, shampoo clears excess oil, dirt, debris and bacteria from the scalp and strands. To help hair retain important natural oils, All Soft Argan Oil Shampoo is formulated with RCT Protein Complex to nourish hair strands to the core.

2. Conditioner

Many of us use hair masks for intense hydration, but does conditioner hydrate hair the same way? All Soft Argan Oil Conditioner is specifically developed to infuse moisture back to dry or damaged hair, through a combination of moisturising properties like argan oil and soy protein.

3. Hair mask

It may be a hero ingredient in haircare, but does argan oil hydrate all hair types? The conditioning ingredient can penetrate hair fibres across the board for intense nourishment. Access its benefits through the argan oil-infused hair mask for dry hair, All Soft Cream Argan Oil Hair Treatment Mask.

4. Hair oil

Next, Hair oils can be implemented for healthy hair hydration as a rinse-out or leave-in treatment. For those wondering ‘do oils hydrate hair’, their natural affinity to hair and scalp allows them to mimic natural moisture. All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Argan Oil For Hair contains argan oil to address frizz and achieve lasting suppleness.


How to keep hair hydrated

Alongside the right haircare routine, protective steps are an important part of how to hydrate hair. Dry weather conditions and UV radiation continuously pull moisture from strands, so leave-in products work to prevent this. See how to combat everyday stress with the right treatments and habits below. 

Avoid chlorine and saltwater

Especially in Australia, swimming is a big feature of the warmer months. Unfortunately, both chlorinated water from pools and salt water at the beach can damage and dehydrate hair, even affecting our natural colour pigments. To prevent this, we recommend soaking hair in water beforehand, wearing a swimming cap or keeping hair tied up and out of the water.

Avoid extreme heat 

Extreme heat from hair stylers like straighteners, curling wands and blow-dryers are one of the more common sources of hair damage and dryness. Hair hydration is immediately affected by these tools and strand integrity may be compromised. UV radiation can also cause moisture to leak from strands. To protect your hair, wear a hat outdoors and use heat protectant before styling. One United Treatment coats hair with fortifying ingredients like Keracare to prevent breakage and promote vibrancy.

How to hydrate your hair by concern

Some hair types and preferences require extra moisture implementation. As with skin and skincare, everyone’s hair is unique, and so your routine will be too. By using supportive and tailored products and keeping up healthy hair hydration habits, you’ll be able to attain and retain silky, nourished locks. See how to hydrate coloured hair and different hair types below.

How to hydrate lightened or coloured hair

Lightening or bleaching hair will pull a certain degree of moisture, so nourishing products are an important part of hair dye aftercare. With treatments like these, seeking a professional colourist’s opinion and advice is always the first step. They’ll be able to advise your current hair state and the right approach to minimise damage. In terms of how to hydrate hair after bleaching, Redken’s Color Extend range addresses damage which has occurred during colouring, and helps to promote your colour’s vibrancy. 

How to hydrate curly hair

Since natural oils spread less evenly on curly and textured hair, adding a hair care oil can help to increase hydration. A hair oil like All Soft Argan-6 Multi-Care Argan Oil For Hair can be implemented as the last step in your routine – use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product. Throughout the day, an oil mist like Frizz Dismiss Anti Static Oil Mist provides protection against humidity alongside smoothing benefits.

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