All Soft Mega Treatment for Very Dry Hair

Experience profound hydration and irresistible softness with Redken All Soft Mega hair treatment for very dry hair. Nourish your hair from the roots to the core and extend all the way to the tips. 

Learn More About Redken All Soft Mega Treatment for Very Dry Hair 

What is Redken All Soft Mega?


Redken All Soft Mega is an innovative hair treatment for very dry hair expertly crafted by Redken Australia to effectively address severely dry hair concerns. The comprehensive Redken All Soft Mega treatment for very dry hair collection caters to all your hair care needs, offering a complete lineup of coarse hair products to soften the hair ranging from shampoo and conditioner to revitalising hair masks. As always, Redken's products are rooted in scientific expertise. This very dry hair treatment collection harnesses the potency of a diverse array of revitalising and purposeful ingredients, including sacha inchi extract, aloe vera gel, cactus extract, and Redken's exclusive RCT Protein Complex. These potent nourishing formulations work to soften and provide extensive hydration to even the most coarse and fragile hair.  When used as a complete system, you'll experience softness and radiant shine from root to tip. Learn how to hydrate your hair


What is the difference between Redken All Soft and Redken All Soft Mega?


Redken Australia offers two distinct hair care systems, Redken All Soft and Redken All Soft Mega, each tailored to address various levels of hair distress. When your hair needs a boost of shine and moisture and falls within the normal to dry and brittle category, the Redken All Soft hair care system is your go-to choice. The All Soft hair care range includes products such as shampoo, conditioner, argan oil hair treatment mask and argan hair oil. For those grappling with severely dry and damaged hair, the Redken All Soft Mega treatment for very dry hair offers a more robust and potent formula to effectively revive and restore your locks.


What causes coarse and very dry hair?


Coarse and very dry hair can result from a variety of factors, including frequent hair washing and excessive reliance on heat-based drying and styling tools. Browse our range of heat protectants to prevent dry and damaged hair from heat styling. Environmental conditions, such as excessive sun exposure, high temperatures, and low humidity, can also contribute to extremely brittle hair. Moreover, if you regularly undergo chemical treatments, especially bleaching, and fail to provide your hair with the necessary additional moisture, you may experience symptoms of very dry hair. Learn about Redken Australia's Acidic Bonding Concentrate collection if your hair is dry and damaged due to chemical processing.


What is the recommended hair treatment for very dry hair? 


 To effectively combat severe dryness in your hair, it's essential to start your routine with a fresh approach. Begin by incorporating hydrating coarse hair products to soften the hair, such as Redken All Soft Mega Shampoo and All Soft Mega Conditioner. This hair treatment for very dry hair is specifically designed to replenish your hair's moisture, resulting in a soft, revitalised, and radiant appearance. Make it a point to include a moisturising hair mask, such as the Redken All Soft Mega Hydramelt, in your weekly hair care regimen at least once a week. To minimise the impact of heat on your hair, limit the use of heat styling tools. When styling, opt for moisturising styling products to further enhance moisture retention in your hair. 


What additional products for coarse hair can I use help to nourish and hydrate my hair? 


Hair serums designed for conditioning, such as the Redken Frizz Dismiss Instant Deflate, play a vital role in shielding coarse hair from visible damage. Hair serums are excellent for adding shine and weight to rebellious, coarse hair that tends to be unruly. They effectively smooth, condition, and enhance the luster of coarse hair.