Hair Styling Products for Men

Men's Styling

Redken Men's Hair Styling Products for Your Hair Type 

At Redken Australia, our hair styling products for men have been curated for different hair types and concerns. For those with finer hair, water-based styling products are recommended such as gels and creams. Both products can work to hold thin to fine hair without weighing the style down. While hair gels come in various hold levels and give hair a more shiny appearance, creams can be used for a lighter approach. For thicker hair types, waxes, pomades and clays are ideal options. Waxes provide an undone look to hair with a medium to high shine, while pomades offer a stronger hold. Pomades will give hair a neater appearance, with a slightly moderate level of shine to hair. For more of a matte finish, clays are an ideal choice and will hold your style in place throughout the day or night. 


Pomade vs Gel: Understanding Men's Hair Styling Products

When looking at pomade or gel for men's hair styling, it's important to understand which hair type requires a stronger hold. Gel provides a more flexible style, and can help combat frizz for those with curly hair types. For those looking for more volume or moisturising elements, pomade works well for slicked back looks and versatility. Whichever look you desire, Redken men's hair styling products can be applied in your daily routine. 


Hold Your Hairstyle with Redken Men's Styling Products

To make sure your hairstyle holds, it's important to properly clean your hair first. If excess oil, dirt of debris from hair isn't removed - hair will appear heavier and difficult to style overall. For a professional cleanse, Redken Brews Mint Shampoo, Redken Brews Anti-Dandruff Shampoo or Redken Multi-Use Shampoo and Conditioner for men can be applied throughout your routine. When it comes time to styling, comb your hair in the desired direction and use a hair dryer to lock in place.  You can then choose the hair styling men's products which suit your hair type, opting for either light to medium weight. As a final touch, use Redken's professional hair spray products to lock in your desired look.