Hair Masks

Redken's range of professional hair masks will restore moisture, repair, tone, and enhance shine depending on your hair need.

Hair Masks for Every Hair Concern

Discover your next moisturising hair mask by Redken Australia, tailor made to meet your hair needs. For dry and brittle hair, the Heavy Cream Hair Treatment Mask from our best selling All Soft range contains argan oil and a protein network to strengthen and condition all in one hydrating hair mask. If you're wanting to refresh your colour treatment without the risk of fading, Color Extend Magnetics professional hair mask treatment will not only protect your colour but also increase its vibrancy. If you're worried it's too late to rescue your frazzled or processed hair, Extreme Mega Mask is our go to hair mask for damaged hair. For those maintaining a cool blonde, look no further than Color Extend Blondage Express Anti-Brass Mask, which is a purple color depositing deep conditioning hair mask.


Not sure which professional hair mask treatment is right for you? Find a stylist near you to discuss which hair repair mask will suit your needs.


What is a hair mask?


Hair masks are highly concentrated deep conditioning treatments designed to intensely moisturise your hair. Redken's range of moisturising hair mask products are generally formulated to be rinsed out after the recommended application time.


How to apply hair mask


Following shampoo (and conditioner if applicable), apply to hair and use a wide tooth comb to help evenly distribute your Redken hair treatment mask, concentrating on mid lengths and ends. Leave on for the recommended time, then rinse thoroughly.

How long should I leave a hair mask on?


All our hair repair masks provide intensive hydration while meeting different hair needs, so follow the packaging instructions for information on how long to leave your Redken hair mask on. This may range from 3-15 minutes. Some of Redken's hair masks will also recommend using only every 3rd wash to avoid leading to product buildup and weighing hair down.

Should I shampoo before a hair mask?


We always recommend applying your chosen Redken hair mask product to cleansed hair, so shampooing first is definitely recommended.


Do you use conditioner after a hair mask?


Most of our intensively hydrating hair mask products are made to be used after cleansing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, or in place of your conditioner. Check your chosen Redken hair mask product for specific instructions.

Can you leave a hair mask on overnight?


Redken's hair treatment mask products are formulated to be in contact with your hair for several minutes, even up to 15 minutes in the case of our All Soft Cream Heavy Cream Hair Treatment Mask, which is a deep conditioning hair mask for dry and brittle hair. If left on overnight, hair masks can be more difficult to wash out due to the drier texture of the residue, and can also weigh your hair down. Instead of leaving a mask on overnight, consider Extreme mega hair mask for damaged hair for effective repairing results.