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Discover biotin hair care products for hair growth with the Redken Extreme Length collection. Strengthen damaged hair and help it to grow long and resilient.

Extreme Length Collection - Hair Growth Products 

Redken Extreme Length provides a complete range of biotin hair care products, helping you grow hair longer with less risk of breakage. Add the Extreme Length hair growth shampoo and conditioner to your regular shower routine for less fragile strands and up to a 81% reduction in split ends. For extra nourishment, reach for the Extreme Length Leave In Treatment, formulated with not only biotin but also soy protein to structurally reinforce hair. Backed by research and tested in salons across Australia and New Zealand, you can have confidence that healthy, long hair is achievable. You can find out more in our article 'Expert Tips On How To Grow Your Hair Longer And Stronger'. 

To determine if these hair care products for hair growth are suitable for your concerns, speak to a Redken artist at a salon near you. If your hair is extremely processed and very damaged, consider asking your stylist about the Acidic Bonding Concentrate range. 

Redken Extreme Length FAQs

What does Redken Extreme Length do for your hair?

Redken Extreme Length's hair products for growth and long hair are specially formulated to support stronger your strands as they grow longer by reducing the risk of breakage. Each of these hair care products containing biotin is backed by research to ensure reliable results with each use.

Does Redken Extreme Length have protein?

The Extreme Length Leave In Treatment features soy protein to repair keratin (the building block of your hair), leaving it less prone to breakage, split ends, and imparting shine. 

What does Redken Extreme Length do to your hair?

The Extreme Length collection of hair products for long hair features a myriad of benefits, including 81% less breakage (when using the Extreme Length hair growth shampoo and conditioner), hair that's up to 5 times stronger, imparting shine and conditioning, 92% reduction of visible split ends, and more. 

Can you use Redken Extreme Length every day?

If your normal hair care routine involves daily washing, then use the Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner every day as per usual. The Extreme Length Leave In Treatment can also be used everyday following washing, and hair can be styled even after application.