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Triple Dry 15 Finishing Spray

Medium control dry texture finishing spray
Ultra-fine mist for airy texture and just the right amount of lift. Use dry texture spray to create an effortless finish on your hairstyle.

Triple Dry 15 is an aerosol dry texture finishing spray that finishes hair with airy lift and medium hold, without crunch or visible residue. This multi-benefit product is perfect for finishing undone & effortless looking hairstyles while also refreshing styles that need a little pick-me-up. 

  • Barely there, dry finish
  • Airy texture and lift
  • No powdery volume


Shake well before use. Hold 6-12 inches away and spray on dry, previously styled hair. If clogging occurs, rinse nozzle under warm water.



What's the difference between Quick Tease 15 and Triple Dry 15?
Quick Tease 15 is a body boosting hairspray that helps to achieve backcombed and teased end looks. This medium control finishing spray locks in voluminous styles for long lasting control. Triple Take 15 is a multi-tasking dry texture finishing spray that is great for providing effortless and reworkable control in any style. Barely there trip gives the appearance that product wasn't ever added to the hair and a dry, invisible finish leaves it soft and touchable.

Will Triple Take 15 weigh my hair down?
No! Triple Dry 15 uses a tri-actuator that distributes the product evenly throughout the hair, eliminating the concern of the product being heavy. Lightweight formula is sprayed as fine, dry mist, for airiness with grip. Invisible finish gives the appearance of no product application leaving hair feeling soft and light to the touch. Triple Dry 15 is the perfect buildable dry texture spray. For fine hair types, begin by applying a few short sprays and layer on as needed.