Color Gel Lacquer ByRedken

Color Gels

Color Gels

Color Gel Lacquer

Permanent Color Gels Haircolor

Color Gel Lacquer
High saturation permanent liquid color with low ammonia formula, delivering locked-in saturation and liquid shine. Up to 100% coverage and an easy refresh on Zones 2-3.


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  • High saturation permanent liquid color reinvented
  • Low ammonia formula
  • Get rich, saturated results with high impact shine
  • Up to 4 levels of lift
  • Up to 100% gray coverage
  • Long-lasting results with anti-fade technology
How To Use

Color Gels Lacquers is mixed in a 1:1 ratio using Redken Pro-Oxide Cream Developers (10 - 40 vol.).

Progressive processing time depending on the volume of Pro-Oxide developer used:

10 Volume – 20 minutes

20 Volume – 30 minutes

30 Volume – 40 minutes

40 Volume – 45 minutes.

Redken's Color Gels Lacquers features a gel-like consistency and spreadability which make it the perfect choice for techniques such as color melting!


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