The Secret To Making Your Makeup Work With Your New Vivid Hair Colour

No matter how many times you switch up your look, knowing how to make your makeup work with your new vivid hair colour is a must.

No matter how many times you switch up your look, knowing how to make your makeup work with your new vivid hair colour is a must. By having the right makeup on hand, you allow your hair colour to shine through. While it may seem challenging to figure out the best shades, it’s possible to strike a balance. We sat down with Makeup Artist Sarah Mae for NYX Cosmetics who clued us in on a few things to keep in mind during your next appointment for your best vivid transformation yet.

Adjusting your makeup for your new vivid hair is all about pinpointing what products can help complement the look so that you don’t look washed out. The key to pulling off fashion hair colours like unicorn or mermaid hair comes down to playing around with colour since it can help refresh your look overall.

Your best bet for finding the perfect vivid colour is to narrow down which shade matches with your skin tone. During your hair colour consultation, ask your stylist about City Beats. The semi-permanent formula comes in 12 unique hues that can help your stylist find the best colour for the look you’re going for.

Redken Report: So let’s start with the question, we’re all curious about. What’s the secret to choosing makeup for your new vivid hair colour?

Sarah Mae: Brows are my number one to start with first, even with a natural makeup look. If you've gone dark to light, changing up your eyebrow product (I love the NYX Micro Brow Pencil) to a light ash or blonde would be suitable. If you’ve gone light to dark, adding a dark taupe or brown would add a pop on the brows. The secret is to have a great brow that matches the new hair colour.

RR: Why is it so important to give your makeup routine a makeover when you get a new hair colour?

SM: A new hair colour can be a drastic change and with this colour change, finding makeup that complements the hair colour is a plus! It's important to have that harmony between hair and makeup.

RR: Should makeup and fashion hair colour be “matchy-matchy” or can you experiment with different shades?

SM: Makeup does not have to be "matchy-matchy" because it is fun and expressive. But if you're a stylista who loves to have a theme with hair and makeup (like bold, mysterious, light or warm), then experimenting with colors that complement the hair is ideal.

RR: Do your eyebrows need to be dyed to match your new fashion hair colour or can you simply go with a new shade in your favorite eyebrow pencil?

SM: If you've gone dark to light, dyeing the brow hairs would be easiest, then pairing it with your favorite eyebrow product. You can also add NYX's Jumbo Pencil in Milk to create a base for the eyebrow colour and add your favorite eyeshadow if you'd like to match bright vivid hair with your eyebrows.

RR: We know foundation can always be tricky to match, is that something that should be updated too?

SM: Foundation should match your exact skin colour. If you're going for a warm look, add some bronzer/warmer contour. Blush can also be switched up from pink and peach tones for lighter hair colours, and deeper tones for darker hair colours.

RR: At Redken, we love the colour wheel, but wondered if it plays a part in picking makeup too?

SM: The colour wheel helps to harmonize colours and show how colours work with each other especially with makeup. A new shade can bring out the best, or present a dull look.

RR: Undertone is a big thing when it comes to pulling off hair colour trends like mermaid or unicorn hair. How does it work for makeup?

SM: Cool undertones match well with cool hair colours, such as blue and ashy tones. Warm undertones gravitate toward warm hair colours, such as golden and deep browns, orange-reds and auburns and warmer blondes. Complementing natural colours and features are a plus.

RR: How can you avoid overdosing on your makeup so that your hair colour can shine through?

SM: To avoid overdosing, start off with a light hand of makeup. If you're feeling like you are looking washed out, add some bronzer and some pops of colour. Blush makes a difference too!