What Is Dry Shampoo and How to Use It

When your schedule gets busy or you’re pressed for time to get out the door, having a trusted dry shampoo at the ready is a must. A renowned oily or “day two” hair saviour, dry shampoo gives hair a fresh, clean look and feel and requires minimal effort. There are plenty of dry shampoo benefits that make it the ideal beauty secret weapon, earning it a place on beauty shelves the world over. Not only can it revitalise greasy hair, it’s also a great styling tool and can instantly add texture or volume. It’s time to learn the ins and outs of dry shampoo.



Before we delve into its uses, it’s important to know what dry shampoo actually is. Commonly in a powder or spray form, dry shampoo is designed to absorb dirt, oil and grease from your scalp and refresh your hair without washing or wetting it. You will usually find dry shampoo in an aerosol can format, making it easier to mist the product onto your hair. Dry shampoos can be tinted for seamless application to darker manes, or a sheer powder that blends into hair and mattifies.



What does dry shampoo do? By spraying dry shampoo onto the hair, the alcohol or starch used in the product will absorb excess sebum and oils from your scalp. It ultimately refreshes your hair, making it look newly washed. This is a minor miracle for many of us who are often too busy (or tired) to wash our hair frequently. However, it also has a number of other styling uses that make it a handy go-to in the hair styling department. 



We highly rate any product that can deliver in multiple ways, particularly when it comes to helping us achieve a good hair day. Dry shampoo is a great multitasker, and can be enlisted to help out in a variety of different hair scenarios. If you’re wondering ‘what is dry shampoo good for?’ there a number of uses for this handy little hair multitasker, and it’s something you’ll find yourself reaching for on an almost daily basis. Here are some of the best ways to utilise it in your beauty routine.


Extending time between washes

Who really has time wash and style their hair every single day? When you’re trying to rush out the door (or maybe you just want a sleep in), then washing your hair everyday might not be on your list of priorities. However, we get it, you also don’t want to walk around with hair that is a greasy mess. A quick spritz of dry shampoo can fix that problem. One of the many dry shampoo benefits is that it can help soak up odours and oil to help you get that freshly washed effect without ever having to actually wet your hair.


Add volume and texture

Want to add instant volume and texture to your hair? Enter dry shampoo. If you’re doing an up-do or even heat styling your hair, spray your locks with a little dry shampoo to add extra grit for thicker hair. This not only adds dimension and fullness to the hair, it also gives a hairstyle a little extra hold to help keep it in place. For all-day staying power, lock in volume with a professional hairspray.


Eliminate oiliness

What is dry shampoo’s main job if not to keep oiliness at bay? A quick spray of dry shampoo on your hair can eliminate grease and instantly give your hair a refresh. You can also proactively keep oiliness away by spraying dry shampoo on your hair to get ahead of any greasiness. 

Pro Tip:
Spritz dry shampoo on your hair after a fresh blow dry or when you’ve straightened your hair. If you put it in at night and sleep in it, your hair will absorb the dry shampoo better, and keep your hairstyle going for longer.


Learning how to apply dry shampoo is pretty simple but there are a few expert tricks that will help you achieve a better result. 

•Shake the can thoroughly and hold the dry shampoo at least 15cm from hair (about the length of the can) so the product isn’t concentrated on one spot. 

•Using Redken’sDeep Clean Dry Shampoo, make small vertical parts in hair and spray the shampoo on each section. 

•For more texture, blast hair with a blow dryer to move the dry shampoo around scalp, then add styling productsover the dry shampoo to give hair a revamp.

What does dry shampoo do? Yes, it’s used in place of having to wash hair but often we’re not using enough of it in our hair to achieve this! Instead of just spraying it around and targeting your part line, be sure to take small sections and spray each section until it’s saturated. By doing this, the fresh scent will make hair feel freshly washed, and the matte finish will revitalise it.



There are a number of different dry shampoo products out there, so checking out this guide to our professional dry shampoo and hair products is a good starting point to help you figure out which dry shampoo works for you. Ultimately, you want something you will be able to use easily, but also fits seamlessly into your routine.

For those with darker locks, the Invisible No Residue Dry Shampoo will help avoid the tell-tale white powder residue of dry shampoo.

Want to know the secret to refreshing day 3 or 4 hair? The Deep Clean Dry Shampoo absorbs heavy oil on all hair types making it the perfect high performance formula for those who want to maximise the time between washes and capitalise on dry shampoo benefits.


Dry shampoo is a low maintenance hair care hero. Next, learn how to hydrate and moisturise hair to keep your locks in the best condition.