The Best Way to Maintain Your Silver or Grey Hair

Spoiler alert: It all comes down to what’s in your shower. It’s no surprise that not all shampoo and conditioner formulas are created equal, and that holds especially true when it comes to grey hair. Enter the new Redken Color Extend Graydiant, a power combo of anti-yellowing toning shampoo and silver color-depositing conditioner that both brighten and nourish grey hair. Here’s everything you need to know about this dream team.



Let’s start with a quick science lesson. Grey hair lacks melanin, AKA pigment. Melanin gives your strands their signature colour and plays a protective role; it both strengthens the hair and keeps UV rays from interacting with the keratin (protein) and lipids (fat) in the hair. The bad news is that no melanin means no protection…. which is why grey hair is weaker, often coarse or wiry, and prone to yellowing and changes in tone. And even if you have grey hair by choice—after all, #grannyhair and #grombe are still trending—to stay—your silver hue is still susceptible to picking up those unwanted yellow tones. The good news is that addressing all of these issues is as easy as using the right shampoo and conditioner for grey hair.


The best shampoo for silver hair is one that’s going to keep your colour fresh and vibrant. Enter the new Redken Color Extend Graydiant Shampoo, a toning, purple formula that works to neutralise all the yellow tones that make your grey hair look dull and dingy. Picture the colour wheel on the wall of your elementary school art class; violet counteracts yellow because the two fall directly opposite one another. In other words, don’t be put off by the purple shade—those pigments keep your grey hair cool (in every sense of the word). As if that weren’t enough, the anti-yellow shampoo also contains amino acids to nourish and strengthen your hair with every wash. Yes, please.


Like peanut butter and jelly or Sundays and sweatpants, some things are just better when they’re together. That’s why there’s also a Graydiant Color Extend Conditioner to pair with said shampoo. The colour-depositing, silver hair conditioner is, in fact, silver. Once the shampoo has done its job to neutralize any yellowing, it’s important to add back some of those cool, silver tones. This conditioner does exactly that, depositing custom dyes to leave your grey hair looking fresh and vibrant. Plus, it too has those same nourishing and strengthening amino acids.


Add this dynamic duo to your shower and reach for it once or twice weekly. Use the shampoo as you would any other, but keep in mind that it’s important to apply the conditioner uniformly. Apply it from mid-lengths to ends, then comb it through from root to tip so that you reap all those brightening benefits. You can also leave it on for three to five minutes before rinsing to give the colour a little extra time to do its thing (hey, you can shave your legs while you wait). Follow this M.O. for stronger, brighter grey hair in just two weeks. Seriously.

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