Learn the different types of professional hair colour services Redken has to offer with this informative guide to help you better understand what to expect at your Redken hair colour salon. Redken’s hair colour services includes 3 types of hair colour: semi-permanent hair colour, permanent hair colour, and hair lighteners. Consult with your colourist to discuss how to best adapt trends such as highlights, babylights and balayage to your individual style to achieve the deepest brunette, most vibrant red or coolest blonde. Discover a Redken salon near you to find out more about our professional hair colour salon services.


In permanent hair colour, artificial dyes interact with the hair's natural pigment to create a final hair colour. Therefore, the colourist must consider natural hair colour and previously applied artificial hair colour to achieve the final colour result. Permanent hair colour dyes are extremely small colourless molecules that penetrate through the cuticle and into the cortex with the aid of an alkaline substance such as ammonia. When these molecules combine with hydrogen peroxide, a chemical reaction occurs – they oxidize and react with other molecules called "couplers" to form complex dye molecules. The newly-formed dye molecules are embedded in the protein structure of the hair fibre, which makes them 'permanent' or more resistant to rinsing out. However, permanent doesn't have to mean monochromatic colour.  Permanent Redken hair colour can bring you multi-dimensional results that last. 

Redken's permanent hair colour salon services includes hair colour lines such as Redken's Colour Fusion or Redken Chromatics. If you are looking for a hair colour that lasts, find you nearest Redken hair salon to consult with our professional colourists. For more information about our permanent hair colour salon services, see below:


  • This hair colour service features our Oil Delivery System (ODS2) + Protein Extract Technology to deliver amazing permanent hair colour without the ammonia
  • Leaves hair stronger than before it was coloured
  • Features original Chromatics with a modern, multi-dimensional finish and Chromatics Ultra Rich for those looking for a more solid, monochromatic finish
  • Features two Chromatics Carmin’R red/violet shades to achieve unmatched and intensely powerful ruby red and copper shades that last up to 40 shampoos*.
  • View the Chromatics range here
*Instrumental test vs. Redken traditional red dye. Chromatics base only.


  • This hair colour salon service provides a massive palette of colours from, allowing for the perfect customised look 
  • Multi-dimensional finish creates stunning, shiny hair with a modern feel
  • Dye technology that ensures long-lasting colour
  • Features new Colour Fusion Carmin’R red/violet shades to achieve unmatched and intensely powerful ruby red and copper shades that last up to 40 shampoos*
  • 14 cool shades provide multi-dimensional, natural looking results with cool reflects
  • Starts cool and stays cool for up to 8 weeks
  • Mutes warm undertones to kick out brass
  • Great for traditional grey coverage to on trend permanent hair colour techniques
  • View the Color Fusion Advanced Performance Color Cream here


  • Low-ammonia colour cream
  • Conditioning agents add strength and manageability to grey hair
  • Completely covers up to 100% grey hair
  • At your Redken Hair Colour Salon, ask for Cover Fusion now. 
  • View Cover Fusion here


If you are hesitant to commit to permanent hair colour on your hair, ask you colourist for a Shades EQ professional hair colour service. Shades EQ is a hair gloss colour service that enhances hair shine, refreshes colour tone and adds volume and manageability. Whether you are looking for refresh or tone colour, cover grey hair, enhance shine or achieve the season's hottest red-carpet trends, Shades EQ is always the answer.

The Shades EQ is a salon colour service that features no ammonia for minimised cuticle damage and includes Shade EQ Hair Gloss, a gentle equalising conditioning colour featuring wheat amino acids for healthy shine and incredible colouring. Find your nearest Redken Hair Colour Salon to consult with your colourist about Redken's iconic hair gloss range, Shades EQ. 

Need more convincing? Here is 7 Reasons to Try a Hair Gloss.


  • This professional hair salon colour has a no-ammonia formula
  • Adds amazing condition and shine to the hair
  • Brings life and vibrancy to faded colour
  • Helps correct overly “brassy” hair
  • 20 minutes processing time
  • View the Shades EQ Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss here.